Student Enrollment

NOTE: Before selecting Student Enrollment under the Students menu, select the district and campus from the global search located on the top right side of the screen.

ADA, Course Load, and Reason for Enrolling

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

  1. After logging in, click Students, Student Enrollment.

    Students Menu

  2. Student Enrollment:

    • TxVSN statewide course catalog displays:
      • Select course(s).
      • Click Enroll Students.

        Screenshot of Selecting Courses

    • Select students:
      • Enter last name or TxSUID of student.
      • Click Find Student OR
      • Select individual students on grid. (NOTE: For students displaying the edit icon (green pencil), edit student information before continuing.)

        Screenshot of Selecting Students

    • Add selected to:
      • Site Coordinator can select course(s) selected or Add to All.
      • Click Apply.

        Screenshot of Add to All Panel

    • Student(s) added to selected course grid.
      • To remove a course, click on Remove Course icon.

        Screenshot of Remove Course Icon

      • To remove a student, click on Remove Student from Course icon.

        Screenshot of Remove Student Icon

      • Cancel directs user to the TxVSN statewide course catalog.
      • Add More Courses directs user to the TxVSN statewide course catalog.
      • Click Continue.

        Screenshot of Selected Courses Grid

    • Review Selection Page:
      • Enter all information requested.
      • Click Update Grid Values.

        Screenshot of Review Selection Panel

      • Site Coordinator can change values for individual students.
      • Click Go Back to return to Student Selection page.
      • Click Enroll Students.

        Screenshot of Review Selection Grid

    • Enrollment Summary Page:
      • Enrollment Status Reason - Waiting List option - Click each student to place on waiting list.
      • Click Final Enrollment Summary.

        Screenshot of Enrollment Summary Grid

NOTE: Additional Registration Information - After enrolling a student into a high school or dual credit course that requires additional registration, a triangle symbol will appear on the student enrollment summary page. Student must complete an additional registration process with the course provider. Click on the symbol to obtain additional registration information.

      • Enrollment Summary:
        • Export to Excel option.
        • Click Finished.

          Screenshot of Enrollment Summary Page

    NOTE: Email notification will be sent to Course Provider, Site Coordinator, and enrolled student after enrollment process is completed.