Public View - Course Catalog

The user can view the TxVSN statewide catalog from the MyTxVSN log in page or by entering in the internet browser address window and click on the Course Catalog tab.

  1. TEA Links - Clicking on a specific link takes user to the Texas Education Agency website.

  2. Search Panel:

    • Enter Subject, Course Title, or PEIMS ID.
    • Click Search button.

      Screenshot of Search Panel

    • Course(s) display on grid. (NOTE: User must clear Search panel to see all courses offered.)

      Screenshot of Search Results


    • For course(s) offering bulk pricing, click on the Bulk Pricing Available link.

      Screenshot of Bulk Pricing Available Link

      • Available Bulk Pricing panel displays Minimum Enrollments, Maximum Enrollments, and Cost Per Student.
      • Click on 'X' to close panel.

        Screenshot of Available Bulk Pricing Panel


  3. View List of Courses - On click, page opens with a list of courses currently being offered in the Texas Virtual School Network.

    Screenshot of View List of Courses Link

    • Export course list to Excel option.
    • Return to search results - On click, return user to public course catalog page.

      Screenshot of Course List


  4. TxVSN Catalog Course Filter panel: (NOTE: Course grid changes as specific filters are selected.)

    • Select School Year. (NOTE: User can only view current and future school year, IF courses have been added.)
    • Select Course Level (Dual Credit; High School)
    • Select School Semester (Fall; Spring; Summer)
    • Select Course Type (Show All selected as default)
    • Select Enrollment Type (Show All selected as default)
    • Select Course Review (Show All selected as default)
    • Select Subject (Show All selected as default)
    • Select NCAA Approved (Show All selected as default)
    • Select Provider (Show All selected as default)

      Screenshot of Course Filter


  5. View TxVSN Courses:

    • Courses displayed based on selected Course Filter criteria in ascending order.
    • Courses displayed based on selected items per page (25; 50; 100). 25 items per page are displayed by default.

      Screenshot of View Courses


    • To view the course details, available sections, and performance statistics, click on the course title.

      Screenshot of Selecting Course


      • View Course Details Tab.

        Screenshot of Course Details Tab


      • View Sections Tab

        Screenshot of Sections Tab

      • View Performance Tab.

        Screenshot of Performance Tab


  6. Compare Courses Side-by-Side:

    • Select at least two and not more than three courses to compare by clicking the checkbox.
    • Click Compare Courses button.

      Screenshot of Compare Courses


    • Course information will be displayed.

      Screenshot of Course Comparison


    • Depending on the browser used, click close current tab or current window after reviewing the information to return to the Course Catalog page.

      Screenshot of Closing Compare Courses Window