Manage Students - Reassign Students to Different Site Coordinator

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The site coordinator who the student is currently assigned to can assign a student to a different site coordinator. A district or campus admin can also reassign a student to a new site coordinator.

  1. After logging in, click StudentsManage Students.

  2. Reassign Students to Different Site Coordinator:

    • Filter tab - Assigned students are displayed on the grid. Site Coordinators can only see and reassign the students currently assigned to them. Students registered by the Site Coordinator, either individually or via batch upload, are automatically assigned to that individual. District Admins see all campuses and students. Campus Admins see all students on their individual campus.

    • Click Change Student Status tab.

      • Select Reassign within District/Campus.
      • Select a Campus from list, if necessary.

    • Select individual student(s).

      • Click on check box OR
      • Click Select All. (NOTE: Select All - selects ALL students.)
      • The new Site Coordinator can be selected from the Change Student Status menu or can be selected from the drop-down menu in the Select Site Coordinator column.

    • Click Change Status.

    • Message panel displays, 'Information was saved successfully.'

      Screenshot of Message Panel